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About Us

Our Company
Based in Melbourne, Health Magic Pty Ltd has been operating in Australia since 2000.  We strive to bring you new and interesting products that are free from gluten, dairy, & artificial ingredients, are organic, all natural and eco friendly.

We nurture strong and enduring relationships with our customers and suppliers through trust, reliability, and continually strive to deliver excellent customer service. We are passionate about the brands that we represent.


Our People
The operation of the company is managed by its two directors, Colin and Kaye, who combined have more than 50 years of corporate experience in both Operations and Marketing. Kaye whose major passion is in natural health has completed her degree in Naturopathy and this provides the foundation for our "better for you" approach to the market.


We have a fantastic team in our sales, customer service and dispatch departments and feel extremely blessed to have them working with us. 

Our Products
The brands in our portfolio are designed to offer you products that are at their base level free of anything artificial. Where-ever possible we will let you know the ingredients of the products, so you can be 100% sure of what you are buying. The products are largely free from many allergens or chemicals. With a representation of organic and vegan options. Throughout our pages you will find:


Health Products – Featuring a range of foods fom 100% fruit bars, manuka honey, organic foods, and superfoods. Many foods are gluten free. Look for the allergen identifiers alongside each product.


Body & Household– Featuring products which are free of chemicals and nasty ingredients like methyl parabens.


Books - a large library of health books are available. Including quthors showing casing gluten free, paleo, chemical free and vegan lifestyles.


We  endeavor at all times to provide our products through stores in your local area for your convenience. You will find our products in Health Food Stores, Organic Outlets, Fresh Food Outlets, Gourmet/Delis, Schools, Wellness Practitioners and Independent Supermarkets. If you are unable to locate these products in a convenient store near you just simply contact us at [email protected] or order on line.



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